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Secret YouTube Page (JRT Transmission)

Secret YouTube Page: JRT Transmission & Site Update

You may or not be aware of my YouTube account linked at the top of the page. What you might not be aware of is I have a secret alternate YouTube page that I’ve called JRT Transmission. Long story short the account now known as JRT Transmission was my original account. It got banned a long time ago because back in the day if you had three copyright strikes they would ban your account. However, as time went on policies changed and eventually the account was set free (all videos wiped of course).

Because the channel was freed I decided to put it to use and make semi-serious content (more serious than the other account anyway). I’ve mainly just used it for retro game play-throughs. Worst case scenario the content doesn’t take off. I figure even if it doesn’t it is still good editing practice in the meantime. So if you’re interested in watching you can go directly to JRT Transmission page. Another option is going to the video section which will have links to the videos. I’m unsure if I want to make individual pages for the videos so they will probably be direct links for now.

Which leads to the second part. I’ve updated the video page, fixed formatting, dead links and such so it should be a lot easier to navigate. Unrelated to videos but related to updates, I have also updated the art page. Finally, I screwed up the website and it’s a long technical story but the good news is everything is fixed now. You might have noticed some posts missing and some returned but everything should be back to normal and better than ever now.

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