What is 1plus1industries?

Originally Jokes Inc and later Saturnine Sanctum 1plus1 Industries is the evolution of those 2 previous websites. The purpose of each website was to have a place to showcase Justin’s artwork. Be it drawing, painting, video, or music 1plus1 Industries is the place where you can see it all

About Justin:

darkme Justin is an alumni of California State University San Marcos where he studied and majored in Arts & Technology. His love for art started at a young age. Like many kids his age he enjoyed cartoons and around the age of 8 years old he took an art lesson from Mark Kistler at his art seminar. From then on he would always enjoy drawing. Many years later his talents branched wider to not only drawing but also video, music, and photography. Justin enjoys art in all its forms. It shows in his work and everyday activities.

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  1. Bruce

    Very Good. It had me laughing. Great art .

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