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Jamosa Red Cover
Artist: Jamosa
Album: Red
Label: Avex
Release Date: 02/18/2009

Jamosa’s follow up album to “Cry” comes a year later. It continues the style of “Cry” but is an overall better album. It has more guests on it than previous albums. One thing remains the same Jamosa still is a great vocalist, and I think this album really shows how good her voice is out of all her albums so far.

Breath Again (feat. SPHERE) (4/5): This song is a little bit hip-hopish with a hip-hop like drum beat with some cool piano riffing. This song sounds a lot different from Jamosa’s other songs. It’s kind of fast paced Jamosa is singing (I wouldn’t call it rapping) but it’s really good.

Power of Love (4.5/5): This is another somewhat up-tempo song. It has a constant beat and Jamosa’s singing seems to be improving with every track. It’s one of those songs that make you feel good about life and stuff.

Season Changes (feat. Megaryu) (5/5): This is another unique song that doesn’t sound like anything Jamosa has done. Thanks to the steel drums it has a nice tropical feeling to it. It also has a sexy saxophone in it (or brass instrument of some sort) it feels kind of reggae-ish but other than Megaryu it’s not really. It just has a really laid back and happy feel to it. Just a great song overall.

Stay With Me (feat. Big Ron) (3/5): I really want to like this song but it is mostly Big Ron, and he’s kind of annoying since he’s got this nasally sounding voice. Other than that I think it is a good song. It has a good message and is written well. Jamosa is great on the song.

ずっと (4/5): This is another one of those happy uplifting songs. Has a pretty nice guitar riff, a simple, well done song.

Someday (5/5) : This is one of Jamosa’s power ballads, she really sings her heart out on this song. Everything about it is just beautiful the music, the singing, the feeling. Everything was just spot on.

Red (feat. Seeda) (4/5): This song fades in from the previous song, which is a great way to begin it. The song has an interesting beat to it which is made even better when Jamosa is able to keep the her singing with the beat of the music. She does an interesting thing with her voice when she says, “red” which goes with the beat. She just nails this song as she seemingly pulls out all the stops vocally.

Scream & Shout (5/5): This is another one of those up tempo hip-hop stylish songs. The beat is great. Jamosa also somewhat raps on this song as well but does it in a singing style. Pretty cool song, one of the best tracks on the album.

Cry (feat. Maccho) (5/5): I don’t know if this is a remix or a redo but this is the song that was on, “Cry,” now on this album. It has a different composition, I think it sounds better than the original. I don’t really care for the rapping in the middle but I think the song is good enough that the presence of the rapping doesn’t detract from the song. Jamosa’s vocals are awesome as always on this song.

Selfish (3.5/5): This is a pretty low key song. It sounds kind of like a lounge song. I think the background music almost outshines the vocals on this song. I do like the lyrics though (you can have me all to yourself Jamosa I won’t mind. 😉 ). The song just doesn’t pop as much as the rest of the album though.

Cold Cold World (5/5): This song is a little minimalistic but very powerful. The lyrics are pretty straightforward and the vocals are great. It is just a simple song that makes you want to go give Jamosa a hug (since it is kind of sad but happy too)

Tell Me (4/5): Jeez another love song. Don’t worry, this song is good too.

RED -XTRA XCLUSIVE TRAX- (5/5): I guess you could call this a remix (though it isn’t stated) but it is different from the version of Red that is already on the album. The beat is kind of different, Seeda is gone, and I think Jamosa’s singing is even better on this version than the other version. Basically this track is everything that was great about the first one, but improved. There is more of the, “red” stoppy starting vocals (maybe the first song sampled this). But like the first song Jamosa sings her heart out, it almost sounds like she’s going to die at one point so she’s really giving her all. The last strike on the piano leaves you wanting more. A great way to wrap up the album methinks.

Overall: 90% – 4.5/5

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