A Good “One”

Jamosa One Cover
Artist: Jamosa
Album: One
Label: Virgin Records
Release Date: 02/28/2007

This is Jamosa’s first full length album. It’s pretty sexy album and I think Jamosa is one of the few J-Pop artists who sing in this style (Hip-hop, R&Bish) so she is a pretty unique artist in my book. She stands out from the crowd with bright red curly hair and a soft sultry voice that has a little bit of roughness to it (akin to Macy Gray but good). All of this adds up to a refreshing listening experience.

Dream: (4/5) – This is a somewhat uplifting song about achieving your dreams. It’s a pretty positive and upbeat song. It has a pretty sweet bassline going for it and has some of those synthesized singing sounds you hear in Kanye West songs. Overall a good way to start out the album.

Be With U: (5/5) – Jamosa slows it down with this song. It’s a super sexy song about “working [her] nice and slow.”Yikes! I think the mix of Japanese and English in this song is the perfect mix, and it flows together so well.

U & Me: (5/5) – I gotta say this song took a while to grow on me but it shortly became one of my favorites. It’s just pretty upbeat with a happy message. As the song progresses the music gets more intense and so does the singing. There’s even a guitar solo. Just a well composed and performed song here.

Fly Away (feat. Jay’ed) (4/5): A pretty solid duet. Nothing annoying happens which is always a plus. I like the lyrics in this song. Another simple but well done song.

So Addicted 247365 (4/5): This is one of Jamosa’s catchy singles and it’s not bad. It has a throwback ’70s feel to the background music and the lyrics have a pretty straightforward message to them. She’s addicted to your love.

手紙 (feat. Dabo) (5/5): Probably my favorite song on the album. It’s a pretty catchy heavy hitting song. Everything is right about this song. The beat is awesome, lyrics are catchy and Dabo doesn’t bring down the song either.

Bang Bang (3/5): This is the album’s low spot. Not a bad song, just a kind of filler song.

Because of U (4/5): This is a pretty cool song. I really like the beat.

言えないよ (feat. Corn Head) (3.5/5): This is a good song. I felt it wasn’t quite a 3, and not quite a 4. It’s good but lacks a little something I think, not bad though.

So Addicted (English version) (3/5): Sometimes a song doesn’t need an English version. To me this feels like the same song I had heard earlier but missing a little something. I think it just sounds more dynamic in Japanese I guess. She doesn’t sound bad singing in English though a factor that comes into her later albums.

Overall: 82% – 4/5

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