Filthy and Sweet

Dirty Girl
Dirty Girl
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Release Date: 10/07/2011

Promiscuity, Sex and Homosexuality are all things frowned upon along the bible belt of the United States. Unfortunately for protagonists in this film set in an Oklahoma town in the late 1980s (although it feels more like late 70s but that doesn’t really matter) they are just that. Danielle (Juno Temple) is a juvenile harlot who seems to get around a lot at school, gets in trouble and hates her mother.

On the other side of the spectrum is Clarke (Jeremy Dozier) an unpopular flabby gay teenager whose father tries to repress his homosexual tendencies. Through a bit of chance Danielle finds herself in Clarke’s class and are assigned to be partners to work on a class project. While working on their imaginary baby’s family tree the idea of trying to find Danielle’s long lost father comes up and so she and Clarke set out on a road trip that neither of them will soon forget.

This is a film about character development and growth, not raunchiness and vulgarity as one might assume from the title “Dirty Girl,” and we all experience those emotions during this movie’s journey thanks to the nicely assembled soundtrack and of course the great acting. The cast does a stellar job. Juno Temple is quickly rising as one of Hollywood’s great young actresses. Jeremy Dozier knocks it out of the park in his emotional and complex film debut. Even Milla Jojovich is good. The movie has it’s rough spots, it may not be as funny as it tries to be, but it feels real. It’s Just a genuine unconventional story that works and entertains.

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