Refining Her Style

Jamosa Cry Cover
Artist: Jamosa
Album: Cry
Label: Avex
Release Date: 02/20/2008

On Jamosa’s sophomore album she switches labels and her voice is a little more husky than before. This is not a problem I think it only enhances her sound. This album is a little more hip-hopish than R&B like “One” was, but it is still a great album

148 (intro) (3/5): This is an intro, I kind of don’t want to include it but she sings on it. Either way it’s just an intro but does give you a taste of how she’ll sound now.

Cry (5/5): This is the beginning of Jamosa’s refined sound. It’s a little R&B and a little hip-hop. The song starts off with some vocals singing with a vocoder (like those old Dr. Dre songs) and then Jamosa just comes in singing. There isn’t a lot of singing it’s mostly the beat, but what is sang is sung pretty well. Jamosa really belts one out here.

Can’t Stop (4/5): This song is a grower. It may not affect you at first, but then the song just clicks. The song infects your brain, it is somewhat catchy, it’s pretty upbeat. It has an interesting composition but the cadence of the singing follows the beat of the music which I always enjoy.

Right Now (4/5): This is one of those slow love songs. It’s a very bare bones song. The instruments are pretty low key. The song is mostly Jamosa singing (which is never a bad thing). It’s a simple song but well done.

Just Freeze (4/5): Kind of odd but when she says, Just Freeze,” I actually kind of do just want to just freeze. This is another song that grows on you.

Time Machine (interlude) (3/5): This is a segue like song but it’s kind of long so I kind of rated it. It really shouldn’t be a factor though.

Missin’ U (4/5): This song happens to be one of her singles, Its a good song so probably a good choice for that.

Stupid (4/5): This is kind of a fun song. Jamosa realizes her mistakes. Doh!

No More (5/5): This is a great song. The music is great. The song is entirely in English I don’t know if it’s a cover but it sounds extremely natural for her to sing in English on this song. She’s also seems to have a little bit of anger in her, she’s not going to take anymore abuse and there’s even some cursing. This song has everything!

Memory Lane (4/5): I find this song a little humorous. Jamosa 0wns her ex boyfriend (at least I assume so).

Stand Up (5/5): This is a great song. It starts off really slow, but there is a gradual build up, it becomes more intense as it goes on and then there is a huge gospel like choir towards the end. Just a very powerful song. Jamosa’s singing really shines on this song.

ドーベルマン刑事のテーマ (feat. L-VOKAL) (4/5): – This is a little jazzy number. A pretty upbeat way to end the album. Jamosa goes a little crazy towards the end when nobody can hold her down but it’s all good.

MISSIN’ U (DJ Watarai Mix (feat. Big-O)) (2.5/5) – I’m all for remixes and everything if they are good. This one is just ok as it stands. It’s kind of obnoxious as it has some guy rapping in the middle of it now, it sounds completely different than the original song. You could probably stop after the previous track and go on with your life and everything would be pretty good.

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