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Captain Morgane
Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle
Rating: N/A
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 01/09/2013

Morgane Castillo is a young woman from the Caribbean who, at a young age, travels the seas with her father after her mom dies. When she comes of age her father appoints her as the acting captain of the Winsome Maid (the ship she’s on). From there you go on a journey to help a rich explorer find the legendary Golden Turtle along with some side quest such as finding long lost Uncle Eduardo along the way.

Captain Morgane is a simple point and click game. It’s not like the old school point and click games of old. Most of this game has one solution and really no way to fail or die. The writing is very simple. There are some jokes but they are not really laugh out loud jokes. I think this game was meant more for kids. There are a couple of mini-games here and there to change things up but most of the game is spent exploring the various islands.

The graphics have a pseudo-anime style to them (something that is kind of popular these days). The backgrounds are hand drawn and so are the character portraits but there are 3D Character models to represent the different people on screen. These 3D models don’t look very good. In fact it would have been preferable to have the whole game in the hand drawn style. The character portraits look good but there are cut scenes too and the characters don’t have a consistent look to them which is kind of a bummer.

Captain Morgane can be hammered out in under ten hours so you don’t need to invest too much time if you would like to play it. There is some enjoyment to be had but just be aware there are some rough edges. Morgane is a very charismatic character, however, so you should have fun exploring the Caribbean with her.


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