Jun 072014

Edge of Tomorrow I went to go see Edge of Tomorrow yesterday (despite what the title says) and I was entertained. I contemplated if I should put the review up or not. I decided if I get one like on my letterboxd account I would put the review up here. So I got one like and put it up. I fleshed out some of it so it’s a bit different from that review. In any case you can read it Here. If the trailer didn’t sell you (yes some people didn’t think it looked good from the trailer which makes me wonder what they would need to see to make it look like a good movie) I think the actual movie is something you will like.

Oct 102013

So I finally got around to getting all my back reviews up on the site, they were all video games, about 17 reviews up now. I also finished Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas so that’s new too. You can check it out here.

Oct 062012

So I decided to make a Behance profile, my profile, most likely it will have most of the same content that is here. The thing is I can show this on my linkedin account so that’s why I made it. I’ll have to play around with it some more. I also added a couple of more links on the side to my linked in account and youtube account.